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Good Looks Company

The Original Fully Recycled Tee (Womens Cut)

$24.00 $32.00

Our staple T-Shirt is made from approximately 8 Recycled Plastic Bottles and handfuls of Recycled Cotton. This product is at the core of our mission, embodying a 100% sustainable cycle of creation. This shirt is as sustainable as you can get with your clothing, and it feels amazing! 


  Sustainability Rating: 5



Material - 100% Recycled Content. 50% post-consumer PET, 50% upcycled cotton

Weight - 4oz

Sizing: Adult unisex XS-L


  • Butter-soft hand feel
  • Extremely durable
  • Vintage look and feel

Manufactured in the USA by Recover Brands

The Original Fully Recycled Tee (Womens Cut)

$24.00 $32.00