Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire a movement surrounding sustainable clothing. In today’s world fast fashion continues to suffocate the environment in various ways. It heavily contributes to the excessive amounts of CO2 emissions, and wastes billions of gallons of water globally. When starting this company, it was central to our mission to manufacture environmentally friendly clothing that would not damage our earth when being produced. This is something that takes a lot of effort for a small startup, yet the value that it brings to our environment, outways our desire to make fast and cheap products. Our goal is to build something that changes the industry into something safer for the environment and we hope to be a part of the solution to our environmental crisis. It is our goal to tackle the environmental challenges our society faces by spreading awareness and inspiring a new wave of fashion. We embrace any and all risks that we’ll face and will act to protect and restore the beauty our world has to offer. 


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