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Sustainability Rating

We want to make your shopping experience as easy and simple as possible. To aid in this process, on this page we have created a sustainability rating scale, that we will apply to each one of the products in our store in-case the product descriptions are too complicated. Here is the breakdown of what each number means and what factors went into determining it. 


A product with this rating is not made using recycled materials and is only sustainable through the process it is printed (DTG*) and the fact that everything is made-to-order, meaning that it is only printed it once you order it. Our long term goal is to wholly eliminate this category.


A product with a rating of two has some sustainable elements beyond just the manufacturing process. Such elements include added water and energy free measures in production, possible tri-blend including organic/regenerative cotton, and manufacturers promise that production will take place in a local facility to limit environmental impact.


A product with this rating is made with 50-50 recycled materials, and occasionally certain Organic Cotton products will fall under this category as well. We strive to understand all of our possible materials before designing on them, and if we can’t get enough verifiable information to be sure of the materials’ sustainability guarantees, we feel that it is our duty to reflect that in the score of the shirt. Nevertheless, everything from the below two scores still applies to this product.  


 A product with this rating is likely one of our high-quality Organic Cotton products or is one of our Eco-Triblend options made from 50-99% recycled cotton and polyester. This product will be made with almost every possible sustainability measure, but just barely fail to hit the high mark of our highest rated and most sustainable products.


 *Most Sustainable*

 A product with this rating is made from 100% recycled material, guaranteed by us, and independent organizations. These materials are made with the utmost respect for the environment and continue to uphold the high standard of a full circle of life. When you believe your product has served its purpose, you can contact us and we can help you send it back to the manufacturer so that they can recycle the shirt back into their process, thus eliminating any waste and further reducing environmental impact. Any product with this score is at the heart of what we do here at Good Looks 🤙.



*DTG stands for Direct-To-Garment printing. DTG works with inkjet technology a water-based technique done by targeted spraying onto the garment, helping the ink soak in better. Inks are disposed of according to supplier guidelines to avoid harming the environment. 

**As a disclaimer, we should add that when working with our manufacturers, we make sure to emphasize a commitment to constantly improving environmentally friendly inventory and practices. From reducing electricity and water use, to only using absolutely necessary chemicals in the production of all products.