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About Us

Hi. We are Daniel and Linus, founders of Good Looks. To clarify, we’re not saying that we founded looking good, although we would love to say that; we just founded the brand that wants to make everyone feel as good as they look. We established this company with the goal of creating quality lifestyle apparel while inspiring basic sustainability in the clothing and fashion industry. We care about expanding the intersection between durability, good looks, and giving back to the environment that supports our lives and adventures.  

To us, Good Looks is a brand dedicated to doing what you love. The two of us have been skiing in the Rockies and hiking the Appalachians since we can remember, and our new found love of surfing has inspired us to create an all-encompassing brand. Our goal is to offer a product that seamlessly moves with you from the surf to the streets, and to the slopes. So, whether you ski or snowboard, hike, or surf 🤙, we all have the same goal: look good and protect our planet at the same time. 

Overall, fast fashion contributes to 10% of our planet's CO2 emissions. Not only that, but since 2000, on a global scale, consumers are buying 60% more clothes than before. What's more, 85% of all textiles go to the dump each year. Let that sink in for a second. So, this is our moment to ask you to really be conscious about your purchases. We want to prove to a fast and cheap fashion industry that a small startup that prioritizes the environment can grow to change the future of the clothing industry. Help us reimagine the game. 

We also want to give a big shoutout to our art team led by Sydney Nguyen and Gretchen Sant. These two are highly talented and dedicated artists who have helped us with every aspect of the design and creation process aiding us in the creation of unique brand designs, especially our awesome Pelly logo and our one of a kind Wise Guys Collection Thanks again to these two, and stay tuned with @goodlooksusa on Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok for more designs and savings as the seasons change.   


Good Looks 🤙